Vendor Program

$5,000–$5,000,000 | Nationwide | Fast Approvals | Flexible Financing Kinetic Leasing partners with vendors to provide their customers with equipment financing options.

  • Lease Portfolio by Type of Equipment
    Lease Portfolio by Type of Equipment
  • Kinetic Leasing offers a unique program tailored to vendors. No matter the industry, company size, or location, we listen to your needs and then partner with you to create a custom equipment financing program that helps you to:

    • Increase overall sales of products for your company
    • Increase commission levels to your sales team
    • Increase customer satisfaction by collaborating with a strong, ethical finance partner
    • Increase your employee service levels

    Vendors love working with Kinetic Leasing because “we get it done!”

    • There are no equipment restrictions
    • “A–C” credit window – strong to less than strong credits approved/funded
    • We offer competitive pricing/rates and flexible payment schedules
    • We offer strong finance products, including leases (business and municipal), EFAs (equipment finance agreements), and loans
    • FAST access to our team – There is no long wait for return calls to get vital questions answered
    • FAST approvals – Kinetic provides application-only approvals 2–4 hours from credit submission
    • FAST funding – Kinetic provides same-day funding by check, ACH, or wire
    • We serve customers nationwide
    • There is no cost to vendors and no application to join the program

    This is how your partnership with us works. Kinetic Leasing will:

    • Train your staff to recognize equipment financing opportunities
    • Provide marketing support, such as direct mail, newspaper, and point-of-purchase marketing materials (such as flyers) for you and your customers
    • Provide a link for your company’s internet site to Kinetic Leasing’s website for your customers to obtain instant financing quotes and an on-line credit application
    • Answer any questions you or your customers have related to equipment financing
    • Provide fast turnaround of approval and documentation on each finance transaction
    • Document and service the finance contracts throughout the term
    • Provide timely billing and collection of all finance payments and related sales/property taxes

    Established in 2000, Kinetic Leasing is a Top 100 leasing company, and a Top 25 independent leasing company. We specialize in providing flexible, creative equipment financing solutions to middle-market businesses and municipalities. If you are interested in partnering with Kinetic Leasing, please contact us.